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I just had a few questions about some songs I know from live shows, but can't place otherwise.
One, does anybody know the name of the theme to Perfect Hair Forever? They played it and referred to it as something that sounded something like "here cat"

Also, one of the short songs they play, starts out with fairly clean guitar (wah, actually) and clean lyrics for a few moments, then it just goes crazy for a few more moments. She said something like "is a hero" or something like that beforehand. Any ideas?

It's definitely not His Name Is Mickey, So Unfilial Rule, Some Kind Of ID, Screw Loose, We Love Choco Pa, Zoo No Vacancy, Type B For Me, First Defy, Scrubber, Flip And Hit.

Oh by the way, when I saw them in Rochester, I was no more than 1 ft away from Yasuko at any point in time. It was amazing.
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